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  What are preorders? 


Customer can reserve an item that is available until a later date. The item will be shipped as soon as it is ready to ship.


What if I change my mind?

You can change anytime you want before the item is shipped and handed to the courier! 

Simply contact us and let us know! We will process your request and refund if valid.

When can I receive?

At the product page, there is an approximate ship date. If the item is available before the date, we will ship to you when it is available. If the item is delayed, we will notify in advanced.

Actual shipping time varies upon customer's receiving location. US locations are 3-5 business days, international shipping please check here.


How do shipping fees apply if my order has preorder items?

If the order has items to be shipped under different ship dates, and receiving location is in USA. Don't worry! We will not charge you extra shipping fee! 

International shipping rate is based on each time of the shipment.

However, if the preorder item is cancelled before shipping and total order amount is therefore under US$75, we will charge a flat shipping fee $8.99. International shipping rate is based on the time of shipment.

How do you charge me?

When an order is placed, the amount will be charged in full.

But under our terms and condition, customers can request cancellation anytime before the order is being shipped!

And we will refund fully!

Contact us anytime to track your preorder status!

Preorder Process

Order placed

Ship available items

Preorder Items arrive

Order received and charged with full amount.

Ship available items to customer.

*Preorder items are pending to ship.

Ship preorder items to customer without additional shipping fees. (Excludes international orders)

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